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aveva Unified Operations Center

Enterprise operations performance visibility in real-time

What is Enterprise Visualization?

While HMI and SCADA focus on daily process operations, Enterprise Visualization like AVEVA Unified Operations Center is for teams and users tasked with organization-wide responsibilities. It makes content available through a single-pane-of-glass environment, in which Operations Technology (OT), Information Technology (IT), and Engineering Technology (ET) converge to provide actionable information in context for industrial operations.

Where to deploy Unified Operations Center

Command center

Integrated cross-functional facility or control tower with a comprehensive view of the supply chain from end-to-end that optimizes operational activities on a macro-level regionally or globally.

mes manufacturing execution system

Remote operations center

Experienced groups tasked with driving performance, coordinating operations, or responding to issues that are escalated by site-based personnel or automated notification systems.

Casual / executive user

Executive and strategic analyst use case emphasizing independent interaction and analysis of operations activities, KPIs, and associated information for decision-support.

Accelerate your time to value

Jumpstart your Unified Operations Center with pre-built content and connectors applicable to the equipment, processes, and use cases for your operations environment.  Our growing selection of industry templates provides a base structure that you can customize to accommodate your specific system attributes and design requirements.