System Platform

Easy to Build. Easy to Use. Easy to Own.

  • The first ever responsive Operations Management Interface (InTouch OMI) visualization engine eliminates the need for complex scripting and programming.
  • Model-driven smart navigation and multi-monitor screen configurations is now possible in less than 5 minutes.
  • Improved system scalability and simplification enables you to run 10X more client sessions on a single node.
  • An exceptional variety of out-of-the-box Object and Symbol Wizards provides ~80% of typical application objects for easier design, build and management.
  • Agile cloud-based development promotes greater developer collaboration by bringing the entire application design, testing environment to the cloud.
  • Situational Awareness takes a leap forward with increased usability, modern UI/UX interactions and more contextualized data delivery

Fully Integrated Add-on Modules

System Platform is extremely open and interfaces to countless hardware control and measurement devices and manufacturing systems. It allows extensive re-use of engineering, eases maintenance burdens and extensibility while leveraging the latest IT computing technologies such as virtualisation and cloud computing.

Workflow Management

Workflow Management is a sophisticated industrial Business Process Management (BPM) application that enables companies to model, execute, analyse and improve processes inside and outside of their organisation to drive higher levels of collaboration, productivity and innovation.

Batch Management

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Implement work order management, bill of materials, specifications, data collection and traceability (track/trace/genealogy) to enhanced capabilities such as inventory management, certifications, labor and production steps. Performance delivers critical equipment downtime and efficiency information to operators and decision-makers.

Recipe Management

Reduce the effort to manage your product formulations, set up specifications and equipment procedures on automated production equipment and machines. Control system independent recipe management software simplifies management of product formulations, download of formula parameter values and batch execution to produce a specific product on automated equipment.


Utilising the latest in safe, secure cloud technology, InSight offers an innovative solution for collecting, storing and delivering equipment performance data to operators, customers and service teams. It consolidates disparate data for complete visibility into how your business is performing and enables users, throughout the enterprise, to access data and information from anywhere.


EMI—Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence—a single view of disparate entities data into Key Performance Indicators—measurements of resources (people, labor, materials) or equipment, or other entities that are important to monitor. Overlay to all of site databases to extract compare operations, shifts, or other measures of importance.

Mobile Operator Rounds

The industry-leading mobile workforce and decision support system of configurable software and ruggedised mobile hardware to assist operators, field engineers and supervisors to create inspection and regulatory procedures, assign and manage tasks, schedule and execute rounds and report back findings with assigned levels of criticality and severity.