PT. Trimaxindo Adimitra

Improve decision making

with quick access to trusted information

Data collection greatly exceeds the ability of companies to manage and analyze it, resulting in more than 55% of the data being dark

Customers typically report up to 40% increase in operational efficiency, up to 50% increase in IT efficiency, and up to 80% increase in engineering efficiency.

Achieve 125% improvement in product consistency, increase operational efficiency by 12%, reduce equipment downtime by 44%, and reduce energy costs by up to 50%.

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AVEVA™ Historian

AVEVA™ Reports

AVEVA™ InSight

Historian is a high performance real-time database for historical information. It combines the power and flexibility of a standard SQL relational database with the speed and compression of a true process Historian, integrating the office and enterprise with the factory floor or any industrial operation.

Create reports quickly and have them delivered to anyone, anywhere. AVEVA Reports is no-code software with simple drag-and-drop, point-and-click configuration, integration of real-time sources and manual data to HMI/SCADA, historians, enterprise software and relational databases.

AVEVA Insight is a cloud-based industrial solution for operations, delivers actionable information and Artificial Intelligence. Capabilities to help your teams improve asset reliability and operational performance. With lower IT costs and fast to get started, uncover opportunities in a matter of minutes.

  • Able to capture high speed data
  • Store value, timestamp and quality information
  • Handle time series data
  • Store and Forward capability for data protection
  • Highly scalable and flexible
  • Real-time connectivity to SCADAs, HMIs, PLCs, …
  • Connectivity to databases (SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, …)
  • Produces PDF, Excel, Database output
  • Automatically generate report daily, monthly, or Yearly
  • No software development skills are required to design reports
  • Connect with critical production data – anywhere, anytime, on any device
  • Unlock plant performance and efficiency KPIs such as OEE and asset utilisation
  • Compare across assets, plants or fleets
  • Create personalised content, dashboards and alerts
  • Share and collaborate – across and between teams

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