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AVEVA Authorized Distributor (formerly Wonderware)

AVEVA™ Mobile Operator Round

(formerly Wonderware InTelatrac)

Mobile Operator Rounds (Wonderware IntelaTrac) is the industry-leading Mobile Workforce and Decision Support System. Mobile Operator Rounds/IntelaTrac® accelerates and sustains operational process improvements and is key component of an effective Operations Management System.

Digitally Transform Your MOBILE WORKFORCE

Achieve operational excellence in the palm of your hand
with the industry-leading operator driven reliability solution

Maintenance Execution Component

Paperless Inspection

Digitize Mobile Workforce

Decision Support System

mobile operator round overview

The Industry-Leading Mobile Workforce and Decision Support System

Configurable software and ruggedised mobile hardware enable workflow, data collection, and general task management for plant operations, maintenance management, production tracking, and compliance applications.

Paper Inspection

Digital Inspection

  • Better operational performance through improved reliability
  • Consistent execution of best practices by the mobile workforce
  • Enables cultural change and best practices to drive reliability
  • Improves plant reliability, safety and profitability
  • Ensures workers execute all field tasks required
  • Prevent potential “Critical” failure of assets

It’s all about Return on Investment!

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mobile operator round features

Improve Reliability, Safety and Productivity

Operator Rounds

  • Reduce maintenance costs with early detection of equipment failures
  • Supports continuous improvement programs
  • Improve production efficiency and identify incident avoidance by capturing key operational data

Maximise Wrench Time

  • Increase labor productivity while reducing rework and backlog
  • Reduce maintenance and inventory carrying costs
  • Optimise MRO work order planning and execution


  • Enhances productivity by allowing workers to use a device fit for purpose
  • Increased worker satisfaction through use of preferred up-to-date devices
  • Lower total cost of ownership through increased device options that range from consumer-grade up to Zone 1/2 Haz Loc rated devices

Task Management

  • Enable efficient and effective execution of mobile workforce tasks
  • Improve field worker knowledge and awareness to their environment
  • Realise increases in plant safety, availability and reliability

Procedure Enforcement

  • Facilities consistent use and continuous improvement of best practices
  • Ensure predictable and safe work practices by reducing human error
  • Enhance situational awareness and effective decision making in real time

Collect Stranded Data

  • Capture and transform non-instrumented data into contextualised information
  • Easily integrate this data to 3rd party systems
  • Clearer visibility into the state of the business enabling well informed intelligent decisions

Knowledge Transfer

  • Digitise, capture, and share expert knowledge to help guide employee development
  • Ensure business continuity and minimise knowledge loss due to attrition
  • Easily share knowledge across the enterprise


  • Prevent unexpected energisation, start-up, or release of stored energy
  • Prevent injury to employees
  • Mobile framework supports the development, documentation and enforcement of LOTO Control and Release Procedures

HSSE Compliance

  • Timely scheduling and execution of Federal, State, and Local regulatory inspections
  • Heightened awareness to precursors that could lead to HSSE incidents
  • Highly accessible data improves day-to-day compliance tracking and
    regulatory reporting requirements

Barcode and RFID

  • Improves accuracy and efficiency of task execution
  • Provides positive asset identification for regulatory compliance