PT. Trimaxindo Adimitra

Visualize, Control and Optimize Your Operations

Our solutions provide visibility across the entire supply chain through common visualization graphics that span the HMI SCADA portfolio. Industrial graphics provide context to data. Further, we integrate this essential data into programs so managers make better decisions. This translates into quantifiable net increases in operator and leader effectiveness and plant productivity.

AVEVA InTouch HMI is award-winning HMI visualization software that empowers customers to achieve their quest for operational excellence.

Let AVEVA InTouch HMI take you beyond simplistic graphics to create meaningful content that will drive enterprise-wide operations productivity and cost savings. AVEVA InTouch HMI empowers operators to optimize routine human interactions with industrial automation systems. The result is a quantifiable net increase in operator effectiveness. Our unique situational awareness libraries provide operators the contextualized information they need to address abnormal situations quickly and accurately — before they impact operations.

Platform Agnostic Solution: design once, deploy anywhere

AVEVA Edge perfectly scales to everything from low-end embedded machines to complex SCADA solutions. Integrate with System Platform or AVEVA Connect, or use it as a standalone HMI software solution. AVEVA Edge can be deployed on small-footprint embedded devices with support for Linux, Windows Embedded, Windows CE or in full-featured SCADA/HMI systems running current Microsoft operating systems. Build robust HMI solutions for any industry, and deploy them on any device. A native HTML5 interface allows you to access the graphical interface from any device, including smartphones, tablets, and wearable gadgets.

Mobile Access Solution Browser based access to your HMI SCADA system from any device, anywhere, any time.

Aveva is pleased to offer a comprehensive portfolio of web browser based access to your real-time automation solutions including InTouch Access Anywhere, InTouch Web Client, and InTouch Edge Thin Client to meet a wide range of user needs. Full high fidelity remote operational monitoring and control or casual monitoring access are now at your fingertips leveraging any HTML5-compliant web browser and Mobile AppStore.