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AVEVA Edge is a customizable Human Machine Interface application with a compact footprint and comprehensive feature set that enables deployment on edge devices for both OEMs/machine builders and traditional SCADA users.

Capable of creating intuitive, secure, and highly maintainable applications for any industry, making it the ideal HMI for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). Deploy and run on small panel PCs, embedded devices and machines, and supports remote access on smartphones and tablets without any client installations. Whether you are looking for a core SCADA application to run your operations, or a light weight HMI for edge devices, Edge offers the flexibility of both.


Interoperability in AVEVA Edge brings native integration with the AVEVA portfolio and a platform agnostic environment that makes it easy to integrate data sources and hardware from almost any vendor.


Access your AVEVA Edge applications from nearly any device. With HTML5-based web publishing and runtimes for Windows and Linux, it’s possible to monitor and control your SCADA or HMI application from smartphones, tablets, panel PCs and more.


Deployment is easy with AVEVA Edge runtimes available for Windows or Linux. Develop your application once, then deploy it to Linux-based edge devices, PCs, industrial computers and more.

InTouch Edge HMI is now AVEVA Edge

InTouch Edge HMI becomes AVEVA Edge in 2020, with a unified development environment that allows you to design once and deploy anywhere.

AVEVA™ Edge Studio – The integrated development environment that allows you to design applications once and deploy them on almost any platform.

AVEVA™ Edge SCADA – The full Windows based runtime offers all the tools you need for advanced SCADA applications

AVEVA™ Edge Embedded HMI – AVEVA™ Edge for embedded systems such as Windows Embedded operating systems. The small footprint makes AVEVA™ Edge HMI ideal for embedded and edge machines

AVEVA™ Edge Compact HMI – Compact HMI is designed especially for Windows CE operating systems.

AVEVA™ Edge IoT View – IoT View is designed for Linux devices, and enables edge computing on even small devices such as a Raspberry Pi

intouch edge features


Develop once, deploy everywhere; CPU, OS and display size flexibility


Keep Operations and Maintenance staff efficient using an HTML5 browser on phones and tablets


Over 100 drivers/protocols (included), communicate with almost any device, OPC UA/DA connectivity included.

KPI Logging

“Edge to Enterprise”; easily log data to local files, any SQL Database, Historians or AVEVA Insight in the cloud


Everything included to create full feature HMI and SCADA projects

Flexible Architectures

From simple HMI to large, redundant systems with many drivers, Andon dashboards and remote interaction

Clear Information

Multi-language support (UNICODE), operators see information in their native speaking language

Reduce Downtime

Dynamically visualize documentation, repair videos and help instructions to reduce MTTR

intouch edge what's new (v2020r2)

Build powerful graphical displays, and take advantage of the 250+ available communication drivers for all major PLC products. AVEVA Edge includes OPC UA and OPC Classic (HDA and DA), trends, alarms, reports, recipes and built-in SQL database support as standard features. Not all features supported on all platforms.

AVEVA Edge Integration Enables IIoT Solutions

There is always a demand for increased machine functionality, including inter-device interoperability, the ability to exchange data with cloud-based systems, and the need for user-friendly remote configuration and maintenance. Unlock and harness the machine data from your HMI and SCADA by installing AVEVA Edge  directly on your devices and access it via your existing System Platform or archive it in AVEVA Insight, a cloud-based platform for improving operational performance. 

IoT Remote Management

Cloud-based provisioning of AVEVA Edge SCADA and AVEVA Edge IoT View is now supported, along with the Edge Management Services portal in the AVEVA Cloud, which enables users to pair edge devices running AVEVA Edge and remotely monitor device health or update applications.

Find out more about that latest features by downloading our Data Sheet: InTouch Edge 2020.

Integrated Industrial Graphics Editor

Edit and/or import Industrial Graphics and integrate them with AVEVA Edge projects.

Mobile Access Client Improvements

New interfaces are supported for Mobile Access Thin Clients (HTML5) including a Trend Start Date/Time and Duration, E-Sign, and others.

MQTT SparkplugB Publisher

Enhancements in the MQTT interface enable AVEVA Edge to publish data according to the MQTT SparkplugB standards.

Updated development environment

A modern interface and improved user interface increases productivity and adds the ability to customize themes (color and style) in the development environment.

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