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(formerly Wonderware InTouch)

Since 1987, AVEVA InTouch has been the world’s number one SCADA/ Human Machine Interface (HMI), offering market leading innovation, brilliant graphics, legendary ease of use, unsurpassed connectivity, the industry’s best support and the broadest partner ecosystem.

Visualise, Control and Optimise Your Operations

AVEVA InTouch is award-winning HMI visualisation software that empowers customers to achieve their quest for operational excellence.

The World's #1 HMI

AVEVA InTouch HMI, formerly Wonderware powers more than 100,000 plants and factories around the world, helping to achieve world-class performance, reduce costs and improve product quality. AVEVA InTouch HMI goes far beyond the ordinary HMI to deliver :

  • Legendary ease of use
  • Unlimited web and mobile access
  • HMI that works everywhere
  • 30-year history of protecting your engineering investment
  • Native cloud integration for engineering efficiency and collaboration

Real-time Process Visualization

Multiple Communication Protocols Supported

Record Events or Alarm

Ready to use Symbol Library

demo display

intouch Features

Built-in Features


Alarms represent warnings of process conditions that could cause problems and require an operator response.


You can create trends that graphically show data collected from an InTouch application. Enable you to create historical and real-time trends.

Script & Logic

There are eight types of scripts and many built-in script functions available.

Graphic and symbols

Industrial Graphics are powerful graphics that contain Symbol Library. The capabilities allow you to fully customize your ideal graphics.


Microsoft Windows Authentication – grants permissions to InTouch HMI users authenticated on a domain controller or local computer, based on user identity and group affiliations.



Schneider-Electric, OMRON, GE FANUC, AllenBradley , Siemens, Modbus, Profibus, and many others...

Open Architecture

Cloud, IoT, Suitelink, DDE, OPC-UA, MQTT, OPC Server ( KEPWARE, Takebishi, TOP Server etc)


Default : MS SQL Server
Other : Excel, Access , Oracle , MySQL, and many others... (Support OLE DB and ODBC)

InTouch WebClient

The InTouch Web Client feature allows you to view Industrial graphics used within an InTouch HMI application on any HTML5 supported web browser.

Symbol Library

Find out more about that latest features of InTouch 2020 by downloading our Data Sheet: InTouch 2023.


what's new (v2023)

InTouch Unlimited is a new offer. InTouch Unlimited is more than just a new commercial model. It offers customers new value and architectural flexibility never offered before. This capability addresses the need for cost efficient enterprise-wide accessibility. Now every company can access the most powerful HMI software in the market without having to compromise your standard.

Extended the number of tags that AVEVA InTouch HMI supports from 32 to 64 while running in demo mode–without requiring a license.

Simplify the tag and application development workflow from an OPC UA data source. Select item(s) to drag and drop to new Tag Hierarchy pane while mirroring the OPC UA folder structure.

Users create drawings in third-party packages like Adobe Illustrator and need to use them in AVEVA InTouch HMI applications while animating its components. SVG support reduces HMI development time while eliminating any pixelation due to resizing graphics and improves web application performance.

This capability also enables:
– Importing an SVG file as image
– Importing and converting SVGs to AVEVA industrial graphics
– Animating imported SVG objects
– Supported in both WindowViewer and InTouch Web Client

The latest release supports UDTs, allowing users to create their own data structures to match field equipment/assets. Create and re-use custom data
types/structures akin to object-oriented HMI design, providing an organization structure of flat tag names associated to assets, like a pump or valve. This enhancement improves engineering efficiency with a templated approach to tag creation.

– Nesting up to 6 levels
– Export/import allows portability for cross-portfolio interoperability
– Individual UDT instance members can be referenced in industrial graphics symbols, animations and scripts
– Changes in a data type are reflected immediately in the UDT instance
– Modern PLC controller structures supported

Utility to securely store user credentials for authenticating access to components such as graphics, scripts and controls during runtime. Optionally, enables access to specific standalone and managed InTouch applications to users.

Optional LATCH Alarm State: Acknowledged alarms require dismissal to disappear from the screen.

Manage AVEVA InTouch HMI users through AVEVA Connect when using it through an AVEVA™ Operations Control subscription.