InTouch HMI

InTouch HMI 2017

Since 1987, Wonderware InTouch has been the world’s number one SCADA/Human Machine Interface (HMI), offering market leading innovation, brilliant graphics, legendary ease of use, unsurpassed connectivity, the industry’s best support and the broadest partner ecosystem.

Visualise, Control and Optimise Your Operations

Wonderware InTouch is award-winning HMI visualisation software that empowers customers
to achieve their quest for operational excellence.

Let InTouch take you beyond simplistic graphics to create meaningful content that will drive enterprise-wide operations productivity and cost savings. InTouch empowers operators to optimise routine human interactions with industrial automation systems. The result is a quantifiable net increase in operator effectiveness. Our unique situational awareness libraries provide operators the contextualised information they need to address abnormal situations quickly and accurately — before they impact operations.

Used in more than one-third of the world’s industrial facilities, in virtually every country and industry, InTouch HMI software continues to deliver business value in engineering simplicity, operational agility, and real-time performance mastery.

NEW in InTouch 2017

InTouch 2017 does more than ever to simplify design, increase efficiency and improve operator awareness and effectiveness, all whilst improving usability.

Enhanced features mean that InTouch 2017 delivers improved engineering usability and productivity:

  • Runtime pan and zoom
  • Enhanced scripting
  • Target Resolution – The ability to design applications for displays of multiple sizes from a single machine
  • Application and Window templates for faster project development
  • InTouch Web provides access to selected HMI graphics for awareness purposes:
    • HTML5
    • Web server based
    • Runs on server or client versions of Windows
    • Read only

Find out more about that latest features of InTouch 2017 by downloading our Data Sheet: InTouch 2017.

Wonderware software is licensed using a “soft” license, see Tutorial Files “How to Activate License 2017”.
All legal software is supplied with a license.

  • Development License
    Used to create a new HMI application (from scratch) or edit / modify an existing HMI application. Can also be used for operations (functions as a Runtime).
    Bundled with Wonderware I/O Server
  • Runtime License
    Can only be used to run HMI applications that have been created.
    Runtime With I/O : Included with Wonderware I/O Server
    Runtime Without I/O : Excluded Wonderware I/O Server
  • Runtime Read Only
    InTouch Read-only cannot write to external I/O tags, acknowledge alarms through alarmViewer control or by scripts, act as a data server.

Note : All License type above, count by number tag. The tags that counted are memory tag and I/O tag.