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AVEVA Authorized Distributor (formerly Wonderware)

AVEVA™ Batch Management

(formerly Wonderware InBatch)

AVEVA Batch Management (formerly Batch Management) is control system independent batch management software that can be used for the most complex batching processes that require a high level of flexibility. Consistent with the ISA-88 standard on batch control, it offers deep batch management capabilities including recipe management, batch execution management, material genealogy, electronic batch records, stringent security, web-based reporting and the ability to facilitate the design and implementation of systems that are compliant with Life Science industry regulations.

Flexible Batch Software

  • Consistent quality to recipe specification
  • Reduce risk associated with complex products and product variations
  • Increase asset utilization and operational efficiency
  • Empower process engineers to create and modify recipes
  • Faster time to market for new products
  • Reduce cost of regulatory compliance
  • Multi-site recipe and batch management standardization

Excel at Automating Complex Batch Processes

AVEVA Batch Management is control system independent software designed to effective model and automate Batch Processes

Flexible Batch Software

Batch Sequencing / Scheduling

Multi Product, Multi Stream

ISA-88 Process Model



Batch Management provides recipe execution management and automatic capture and storage of all batch execution data. It associates the batch execution and equipment history with full product genealogy and material traceability. The control-system-neutral software empowers process engineers to methodically and safely create and modify recipes without any expertise in the underlying control system.




Food & Beverage


Material Management
Batch Management
Recipe Management
Electronic Batch Record
Regulatory Compliance

Plant Modeling


Transfer Management

Batch Scheduling

Batch Execution

Batch Validation

Recipe Export/Import

Recipe Versioning

Recipe Comparison

Batch History

Web-based Reports

FDA CFR 21 Part11

cGMP Annex 11

Beyond ISA-88

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