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InTouch Access Anywhere, an add-on for InTouch HMI, continues to empower casual and mobile users, providing reliable, secure and remote browser-based access to InTouch applications from any device, anywhere, any time.

The InTouch Web Client empowers your casual and mobile HMI/SCADA users. This read-only access to runtime InTouch graphics offers a cost efficient option for users that simply need production or process status monitoring, KPI access and operational dashboards.

Remotely view project screens on several different types of thin clients. Use the standalone Secure Viewer ;  Internet Explorer based ; HTML5-enabled Mobile Access to access your project from almost any other computer.

Server Side :

Server Side :

Server Side :

Client Platform

  • Web browser application
    (Supports HTTP, HTTPS and Web Sockets)
  • Read Only or Read Write
  • Available Internet Access
  • All Graphic/features supported.

Client Platform

  • Web browser application
  • Mobile Application (AVEVA Mobile Opetarions)
  • Read Only
  • Local network
  • ONLY support Industrial Graphic (Archestra)

Client Platform

  • Web browser application
  • Mobile Application (Mobile Access)
  • Standalone Secure Viewer
  • Read Write
  • Local network or Internet Access
AVEVA Mobile Operations
Mobile Access
  • As a web browser application, it extends HMI SCADA access to users anywhere for improved real-time decision making.
  • Enable the most suitable personnel from any location to instantly contribute to the solution.
  • Cyber security enhancements to the Secure Gateway
  • Full Process Control, Access to entire InTouch Application
  • InTouch Web Client enables InTouch application graphics which provide situational awareness visualization, operational dashboards and real-time KPI data.
  • Display real-time ArchestrA Graphics with live data from InTouch HMI or System Platform
  • Simple configuration. No Programming.
  • No IIS web server or Remote Desktop Services (RDS) required
  • Standalone Secure Viewer to acheive the greatest security on plant-floor stations.
  • Internet Explorer based Web Thin Client to achieve the greatest flexibility on Windows desktops.
  • HTML5-enabled Mobile Access to access your project from almost any other computer or mobile device
  • Enable multi-session on every Thin-Client

aveva Mobile Platform

AVEVA™ Insight

AVEVA Insight simplifies the complex. It makes asset performance, OEE monitoring, big data and analytics easy. It is a cloud-based solution that provides information in the right context to enable anyone to easily manage your operations and assets from anywhere, at anytime. 

  • Web browser application
  • Mobile Application (AVEVA Insight)
  • Read Only
  • Available Internet Access
  • Cloud-based

  • Connectivity to 300+ industry standard drivers
  • Secure access from any location, any device
  • Customizable dashboards
  • Asset efficiency analysis
  • Standardize and compare OEE KPIs, share best practices and elevate performance
  • Available Free Trial for 45 days