PT. Trimaxindo Adimitra

Mobile Solution

InTouch AccessAnywhere

InTouch Access Anywhere, an add-on for InTouch HMI, continues to empower casual and mobile users, providing reliable, secure and remote browser-based access to InTouch applications from any device, anywhere, any time.

Server Side :

  • Web browser application
    (Supports HTTP, HTTPS and Web Sockets)
  • Read Only or Read Write
  • Available Internet Access
  • As a web browser application, it extends HMI SCADA access to users anywhere for improved real-time decision making.
  • Enable the most suitable personnel from any location to instantly contribute to the solution.
  • Cyber security enhancements to the Secure Gateway
  • Full Process Control, Access to entire InTouch Application

InTouch WebClient

The InTouch Web Client empowers your casual and mobile HMI/SCADA users. This read-only access to runtime InTouch graphics offers a cost efficient option for users that simply need production or process status monitoring, KPI access and operational dashboards.

Server Side :

  • Web browser application
  • Mobile Application (AVEVA Mobile Opetarions)
  • Read Only
  • Local network
  • InTouch Web Client enables InTouch application graphics which provide situational awareness visualization, operational dashboards and real-time KPI data.
  • Display real-time ArchestrA Graphics with live data from InTouch HMI or System Platform
  • Simple configuration. No Programming.
  • No IIS web server or Remote Desktop Services (RDS) required

InTouch Edge Thin Client

Remotely view project screens on several different types of thin clients. Use the standalone Secure Viewer ;  Internet Explorer based ; HTML5-enabled Mobile Access to access your project from almost any other computer or mobile device.

Server Side :

  • Web browser application
  • Mobile Application (Mobile Access)
  • Standalone Secure Viewer
  • Read Write
  • Local network or Internet Access
  • Standalone Secure Viewer to acheive the greatest security on plant-floor stations.
  • Internet Explorer based Web Thin Client to achieve the greatest flexibility on Windows desktops.
  • HTML5-enabled Mobile Access to access your project from almost any other computer or mobile device
  • Enable multi-session on every Thin-Client

AVEVA™ Insight

AVEVA Insight simplifies the complex. It makes asset performance, OEE monitoring, big data and analytics easy. It is a cloud-based solution that provides information in the right context to enable anyone to easily manage your operations and assets from anywhere, at anytime. 

Server Side :

  • Web browser application
  • Mobile Application (AVEVA Insight)
  • Read Only
  • Available Internet Access
  • Cloud-based

  • Connectivity to 300+ industry standard drivers
  • Secure access from any location, any device
  • Customizable dashboards
  • Asset efficiency analysis
  • Standardize and compare OEE KPIs, share best practices and elevate performance
  • Available Free Trial for 45 days