PT. Trimaxindo Adimitra

AVEVA Authorized Distributor (formerly Wonderware)


Stratus® ztC™ Edge

ztC Edge provides teams with a zero-touch, secure, and highly-automated Edge Computing platform, purpose built for edge environments. Its self-protecting and self-monitoring features drastically reduce unplanned downtime and ensure continuous availability of business-critical applications.

Stratus® ftServer®

Optimized for distributed edge-in architectures, Stratus ftServer delivers the performance needed to support your advanced processor and data intensive applications, while also providing the fault tolerance, security and manageability required at the edge of your corporate networks.

Key Benefits for Operations Teams

Built for the operational edge, ztC Edge is easily deployed into existing architectures without the need for IT resources.


Easy to install, deploy and manage across applications and existing infrastructure as well as scale to new areas of operation.


Mitigates operational, financial and reputational risk by ensuring “always on” availability and securing data from cyber threats or data loss.


Reliable, rugged, proven zero-touch technology to run in any environment without human monitoring, maintenance, repairs, or support.