PT. Trimaxindo Adimitra

AVEVA Authorized Distributor (formerly Wonderware)

Empowering connected workers beyond HMI

intouch unlimited

AVEVA™ InTouch HMI empowers customers and system builders to digitize and build connected operations and achieve increased
productivity and efficiencies by connecting to any device and providing real-time visualization on any device, any time, anywhere.

Commercial Flexibility

Q & A

Q : Do InTouch Unlimited Standard and Professional come with redundancy?

No, for redundant configuration you must buy 2nd server at 50% discount.

Q : Do InTouch Unlimited Standard and Professional come with Customer First support?

Yes, the new perpetual parts will require compulsory 1st year support term with initial purchase of license.

Q : Can we upgrade existing InTouch stand-alone licenses to InTouch Unlimited ?

No, there will be no upgrades or trades-in discounting on existing InTouch licenses.

Q : Does InTouch Unlimited Standard or Professional give me unlimited desktop workstations?

No, this is server-based entitlement with unlimited web clients.

Q : Does InTouch Unlimited provide unlimited servers?

AVEVA Operations Control provides unlimited architectural flexibility with unlimited servers. The InTouch Unlimited offerings are single server parts.