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Embedded Device

OEMs, Machine Builders, Edge Equipment

Control Room

Plant/Site, Line, Area

Unified Operation Center

Multisite, International/Regional

Embedded Device Solution

OEMs, machine builders, discrete manufacturers, and end users can convert autonomous standalone machines by integrating and exposing machine data seamlessly to supervisory HMI and historical archive systems.

Control Room Solution

InTouch HMI empowers innovators from around the world with the ability to standardize and visualize their entire enterprise in real-time view of your business.

Unified Operation Center

Based on a “Systems of Systems” approach, Unified Operations Center allows plug-in and integrated apps, analytics, CCTV videos, GIS maps, ERP systems, Engineering P&ID diagrams and more. With out-of-the-box industry solution templates, reports, dashboards, and operational KPIs unifying your functional teams, departments and sites, seamlessly, under one platform, Unified Operations Center enables faster time to value.