PT. Trimaxindo Adimitra

Digital Lean management needs just one power tool: your people

It’s a focus on
empowering people
with access to information
anywhere, anytime

It’s about decision-making support with visibility that drives operational performance vs. plan

It’s data analytics used
to systematically reduce
waste and losses

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key features


  • Production issues notification, triggering fast response to prevent / reduce downtime and production loss
  • Report, acknowledge and normalize issues; Escalation rules based on custom configuration
  • Remote notification via SMTP Server (Email and Text Messages)
  • Dashboard of current status (Line, Area and Plant level); history dashboards for operational management and continuous improvement


  • Effectiveness (OEE) and Overall Labour Effectiveness (OLE)
  • Quality – Manufacturing Defect Rate (MDR)
  • Barriers – Downtime and Quality issues deployment (pareto)
  • Maintenance – MTBF and MTTR
  • Operators – Operators tracking

Work Order Management

  • Work Order Management – Allocate orders to line minimizing change over based on priority, capacity and line performance (OEE/OLE)
  • Work Order Execution – Interface to execute work order and collect work order data
  • Full Order Operation Log – Change Allocation, Change Priority, Suspended, Released, Hold, Closed, etc.
  • Data Exchange with ERP – Optional order release and order confirmation data exchange with ERP system

Work Instruction

  • Centralized repository for work instructions (PDF documents and mp4 videos)
  • Display Working Instructions to the operators based on the product
  • Working Instructions Steps are based on Line / Workstation and product reference relationship
  • Customized number of steps for each workstation – product combination
  • Each step can be associated with a specific work instruction for easy navigation and management

Learn how Schneider Electric deployed AVEVA Discrete Lean Management at 70 manufacturing plants for real-time production response and continuous improvement.