PT. Trimaxindo Adimitra

New Features in AVEVA 2020

Two important new features, the requirement for 64-bit operating systems and SQL Server versions (where needed) and the Flex licensing option, apply across all System Platform 2020 products.

Additional new product-specific features are outlined below.

64-bit Operating System and SQL Server Now Required

With the release of System Platform 2020, a 64-bit operating system and SQL Server version are now required for all System Platform core products: Application Server, InTouch OMI, InTouch HMI, and the Historian. Running in a 64-bit environment provides a common environment for all products, and ensure that you get the best performance from your System Platform installation. For information about moving from 32-bit to 64-bit SQL Server, refer to Issue 1249251 under Install/Uninstall and Galaxy Migration Issues.

Flex Licensing Option

You can now choose between a perpetual license model and the new Flex-licensing subscription option for Application Server. Flex licensing lets you easily acquire and assign licenses to platforms, much more easily and affordably than what was possible with legacy perpetual licensing. Flex licenses are based on AppEngine assignments, rather than having to calculate I/O counts and other system parameters to determine final licensing costs. Other benefits include better cash flow management and a simplified business process.