PT. Trimaxindo Adimitra

AVEVA Authorized Distributor (formerly Wonderware)

Visualize, Control and Optimize Your Operations

AVEVA™ InTouch HMI 2020

The tag-based AVEVA InTouch HMI 2020 course explains how to create and configure a stand-alone InTouch application using Industrial Graphics. The course provides a fundamental understanding of the basic principles of InTouch HMI visualization software and the steps necessary to develop a Human Machine Interface system for a plant floor or facility.

You are guided through setup, layout, best practice concepts, features, and functions of the InTouch HMI software platform. Hands-on labs reinforce concepts and features.


  • Standardize work instructions: Centralize a global knowledge base of procedures.
  • Manage workforce skills: Deliver and track training programs to ensure maximum coverage and versatility.
  • Troubleshoot and solve problems: Send out calls for help and empower operators to solve problems quickly.
  • Support daily operations: Share important updates across shifts, departments and plants.