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trimaxindo adimitra webinar 2022 : What's new

AVEVA™ Webinar :

AVEVA Product Update 2022

This webinar will relate the recent challenges faced by manufacturing industries (food, beverage, home and personal care, life sciences) to a comprehensive digital transformation approach.

Join this webinar to learn about new capabilities in our products, new collateral, and much more.

The topics covered during this webinar include:

Agenda Date Time
What's NEW : InTouch HMI
20 Jan 2022
09.00 - 11.00
System Platform
3 Feb 2022
09.00 - 11.00
What's NEW : Edge HMI
16 Feb 2022
09.00 - 11.00
Unified Opertaions Center (UOC)
2 Mar 2022
09.00 - 11.00

This program is for all System Integrators and Customer in our program, with equal benefit to all of them, so it should be shared and promoted.

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